Ho'omana'o was an augmented reality (AR) app prototype created during the Booz Allen Hamilton Summer Games 2018 Internship by the Hawai'i Office's interns. 
The team of interns included myself, Josh Renzo Caludio, Angela Hong, Kyle Chan, and Nathan Park. My responsibilities included being the lead programmer as well as the lead artist.
The app was created in collaboration with the Bishop Museum. During the summer internship, myself and the other interns spent time working both at the Booz Allen Hamilton office and on-site at the Bishop Museum. We worked with various staff from the Bishop Museum to define some of the goals of the museum we could help support through the creation of an augmented reality app. 
The resulting prototype was Ho'omana'o, essentially an AR app that allows users to go on a "fetch-quest" -like journey around the museum to collect virtual components at AR markers at various permanent exhibits. The app's current quest teaches the user about 'ahu'ula, the feathered capes worn by the ali'i of Hawai'i. The user is instructed to collect components needed to create an 'ahu'ula to aid in the creation of a cape. 
Personally I worked on all of the art assets that are in the app, from the UI to the 2D/3D art assets. I also contributed to a large part of the programming and story design of the app. 

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